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Staying Healthy Through Natural Means!

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Staying Healthy Through Natural Means!

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

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Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine!

I'm a cosmetologist who is interested in staying healthy through natural means!

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When I first came onto the internet in October of 2010 it was to
share my experience and the results that I was getting from using the
product called Colloidal Silver! ~`

However in the years since that time, I have learned so much more!

And I've gained so much knowledge about using many other alternative supplements! ~`

As a cosmetologist, I strive to stay healthy in body, mind and soul and
I share my experience along those lines! ~`

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A Magazine Series For Entertainment, Enlightenment and Enjoyment! ~~~Nancy

When it comes to health, there is one area that I've taken a great interest in.
And that would be for cancer, how to prevent it, and how to treat for it

For one thing, I have found out that cancer is not a mystery! ~`
It is not the huge boogie man that we have been lead to believe it is!

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But it has taken, much time and study to understand this situation! ~`

One of the first steps to remaining cancer free is to get right with your food!

There are many sources of natural help for cancer! ~`

Devotional Doorway
"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny..."

When it comes to growing spiritually, I find a difference between practicing my faith ~`
and, prayer and meditation in order to get a closer contact with God!

In my Spiritual Walkway Department ~`, I share about my spirituality in general ~`,

and in the Devotional Doorway Department ~`
I give my experience and my way of prayer through my faith. Through my church and the
devotions that I've learned from the Catholic faith. ~`

In particular, I do have a growing devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary! One of the ways
of connecting with God has been through a daily practice of saying the rosary! ~`

Soaking And Chewing Apricot Kernels! How to? And Why?
See the video here or at my YouTube channel! ~`

I've written about using ~`apricot kernels for staying healthy
and for recovering from illness! It's the B17 that helps! ~~~Nancy

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The use of

Apricot kernels

is just one of the many Health Solutions that I've found!

Using Miracle Mineral Solution ~` and Black Salve (Cansema) ~`
are two more of alternative methods I've found
to help in treating some of the symptoms of illness! And to use for prevention
of the onset of conditions that come to us,
especially as we grow older!

Black Seed Oil ~` and Colloidal Copper ~` are still two more of the substances
that I've come to know about, to use and to share my experience with!

As food is your medicine and medicine is your food, I have become
much more enlightened and informed in the importance of good food! ~`

I'm looking to see which foods are good for us and which are not! Processed food
causes a lot of trouble for our health! It is specifically very damaging to kidney health! ~`

A very long time ago I found that I had an interest in the stock market and investing! ~`

Business Technology ~` is a section within Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine.

"Today I run this internet magazine, which I founded in 2010. Could it be that a seed was planted so long ago! I enjoyed that job very much but at that time, my life was just beginning it's downward spiral - into my life of alcoholism! Still, I enjoyed much success in my jobs but you can never fully succeed at anything when you're living in addiction! That has to be treated first! ~to the page

Please note! The text from here down needs to be edited by me!
I will keep working toward making my site more and more friendly and fun!
Some of the links and text may need to be re-worked! Thank you!
~~~Nancy ~`

Spiritual Walkway
"Walk with me on a spiritual walkway! The days in my life are more gentle; I'm very much more at peace with myself, other people and situations, as I grow spiritually. Meditation is one tool that I use. Praying the rosary is another. The rosary provides meditative benefits - and, gives me a solution to any difficulty in my life. There are many sources of help to grow spiritually..."

  Computer Technology
"...Singapore in 2001, there was huge coverage in all the newspapers because 20-year olds throughout the city were having heart attacks and they couldn't figure out why. Then, someone figured out it was because it was the fashion at that time for young people to wear their cell phones on decorative cords around their necks. This meant that their cell phones were hanging right next to - you guessed it - their heart. So a warning went out in all the local newspapers, telling kids not to wear their cell phones on these cords. But funnily enough, no one I've spoken to in Canada (or the U.S.) ever heard about that." ... to my 'Tech Video Channel'! Your Health And Tech Friend

  Website Help
"...So where can you write to get those links? Guest posting is one way to build the incoming links. What websites have a similar or related topic that you could write a guest post for? I've collected a full list of websites to write at for incoming links that you can look through and select from. Contributing to any or all of these sites can be part of an important traffic building campaign."

  Home School Topics
"...The facts about home schooling aren't widely known. After all, there are probably more myths than factual information being spread by word of mouth. The truth about home schooling is probably a far cry from what people think it is all about...." ... Stay In The Positive About Home Schooling!

Internet News
The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities. The Internet is at once a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic location. The Internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. Beginning with ..."

Life | Home | Entertainment
"This is a very different experience; waiting for the end, to me, is similar in some ways to waiting for the beginning. The dying process seems much like the birthing process. There's labor in the breathing, for some..."

About Me | Nancy K Gurish"My name is Nancy- Hi! Welcome to Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine! | My magazine came to life in October of 2010 - at that time I'd had about four years of experience in using the product called colloidal silver. Other colloidal minerals had also come across my path in life. I'd successfully avoided colds, cold sores.... urinary tract infections and the flu, for myself and my family."


grassy floor of the forest twigs and small branches in summer time
It is up to us to be as pro-active in dealing with
what life has offered if we hope to retain our health!
The first step to remaining cancer-free would be...~`continue  

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"Through the use of the personal computer I began researching scoliosis to help a family member. We found much help. I found the SpineCore Scoliosis brace which I'll be certain to talk about. It is a wonderful brace which has helped a great deal. I found colloidal silver and other colloidal and angstrom size minerals. My family has used colloidal silver since 2006. And liquid minerals to help strengthen bones, joints, and build and..."

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"Google and Google AdSense have both been very good to me, as a website publisher. I've been earning AdSense since February 2012 - I wrote below, on this page, how very grateful I am to be working for myself. It is one year later, and I am still so very grateful.."




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