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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Right after I graduated from High School I went out
into the business world! I've had many, many
jobs. I have worked in many different
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I've been trained for many jobs in
a variety of departments in industry and in academia.

One job I liked very much was as a

Coding Clerk!

This was
for a magazine enterprise, in Downtown Cleveland OH!
Penton IPC! Founded in 1904 ~`Penton IPC
They publish Business and Industry profession magazines!

Today I run this internet magazine ~`Home
which I founded in 2010. Could it be that
a seed was planted so long ago!
I enjoyed that job very much but at that time, my
life was just beginning it's downward
spiral - into my life of alcoholism!
Still, I enjoyed much success in my jobs
but you can never fully succeed at anything
when you're living in addiciton!
That has to be treated first!

You can't go back but, I'm sure glad
that in February of 1989 I found my way out!

And for me and you: Today is a brand new day!!
Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy