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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor
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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Through increasing my spiritual life I soon
found myself looking to find a devotional
outlet for my life! That is, a way to express
my faith in God through structured prayer.

My spiritual life began when I was
brought to my knees by my life

Alcoholism brought me to my knees!

Throughout my 20's I sought physical
ways to get myself out of the trouble I was in.

I thought that I could think myself
out of being a problem drinker
and in the process, I became a full blown
alcoholic! A daily drinker!

Spirituality for me began with
my willingness
to believe that a power greater than myself
could help me with my difficulties.

... continue below ...

Those were my humble beginnings into
a spiritual way of living!
And from there my faith blossomed
into a full reliance in God.

Wow! What a journey it's been!

One day at a time I have been working on
trust and faith in God.
And from there - I was eventually able
to find Jesus!

The beginning years of my faith were so
very simple, I prayed only because others
told me that prayer worked for them!

And what came of that, for me was a
devotion to my church, ~` a
devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary ~`
and a devout practice of praying the Rosary! ~`
All it takes is a willingness to believe!

~~~Nancy Gurish

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