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Risk Of Argyria ~ Colloidal Silver Benefits

Nancy K Gurish

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy

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Argyria is possible,


I say but
only, because it really isn't

likely to happen!

This is important for me to address because I use
colloidal silver, almost daily if not daily!

Silver has been in my life since 2006 when I first heard
of it. And I intend to keep using it going forward
in life.

Several years ago, I used silver in the wrong way.
This was at a time of great stress in my life, when
I began to get an outbreak of tumors on my skin. See my Melanoma story!

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You can see my whole story about this on video,
to my YouTube videos!
it looked to be skin melanoma. It scared the daylights

out of me and I overused silver, out of fear!

I was using it to raise my pH, and because I used too much too fast I did
get some metallic debris under my skin. At that time I found
the answer to getting rid of it, and it is simply the same
process as getting other metals and toxins out of the body.
I used an Ayurvedic process.
(~go to article)
It's just clean up! And it works.
What worked for me was diatomaceous earth (food grade) and liquid *MSM!

See my video here, or on YouTube!

Colloidal silver takes care of all of my arthritis
needs. It keeps away all colds, cold sores and most
all of the time, it keeps the flu away.
I haven't had an antibiotic in many years.
I haven't been sick, outside of the flu in January 2014. It is 2017 now!

No urinary track infections either. In the past I did.
get UTIs. I'm glad all of that is behind me. Today I
use a low ppm (parts per million) colloidal silver every
day! Prevention is the key most all of the time!
Below are some products that I have picked out for you!

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Remember this isn't health advice! It's just what I do!

About me!

P.S. At my YouTube channel I'll be making more videos on this subject!

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I take Apple Pectin any time of day, starting with one per day, then two per day at meals. But it can be taken without food. Vitamin D3 is an oil vitamin, so it needs to be taken with food. ~~~Nancy

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