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Colloidal silver is my go to mineral supplement!

Nancy K Gurish

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

I've gained a good understanding of colloidal silver in the past years!

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All supplements come with safe usage instructions. I have some
of my own! For one I believe that a probiotic should be
taken when a person is using colloidal silver. For me, I take it
several times a week. I'm out at the moment and need to re-stock!

Another word of caution that I would give is that it has
happened that I have experienced that skin condition called


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It exists, but it wouldn't occur with normal usage. My usage
at the time I took it was excessive. And, anything taken
in excess could have it's problems or consequences. This collection
of metal under the skin happens if, too much is taken too fast!

Because I was afraid of a health concern I had, I took too
too much - too fast! It was reversable - and I was sucessful
in removing it! There are foods that also can cause a
colorful buildup under the skin! Carrots do it!

If taken as directed, it does not cause problems!

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I take Apple Pectin any time of day, starting with one per day, then two per day at meals. But it can be taken without food. Vitamin D3 is an oil vitamin, so it needs to be taken with food. ~~~Nancy

How I Raise My HDL~ ~~~Nancy!

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One Green Planet: Foods That Help To Unclog Arteries!
"Cardiovascular Disease (the buildup of plaque and gradual clogging of the arteries) is statistically the number one killer in the world, with on average 2,200 Americans dying of cardiovascular disease each day! With mortality rates like that, cardiovascular health is one of the most important body systems to maintain and repair ..."
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The pectin in apples can lower cholesterol as well as slow down the progression of clogging in the arteries."
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