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Oh WoW!!! There has been so much to learn in life! I've lived I hope! 1/2 of my life! At 59 years old I am still lovin' it!. The up's and down's, of course all is not roses and cream but I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. As each new day comes, I live it 'just one day at a time' and face whatever comes my way! From the sublime to the very dark and scary! Anything that I see, feel, hear, taste or learn | I'll share with you! Hopeing it will help someone! ~~~Nancy

"A Saturday noon rosary has been in my life for about a half of a year; another rosary, on Wednesdays, was added about 3 months ago. This past two weeks I've said a rosary each morning. My life changed in a drastic way since I've had the rosary in my life. On a daily basis, the practice of the rosary has brought a deep peace to me.

If you see other pages in this magazine - I talk about my life, the emotional disorder(s) that I live with; as well as the alcoholism and food addiction I have lived with. That being said, I can tell you the rosary has brought more peace to me..."

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