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"Healing clays have been traditionally used as natural medicine by mankind for thousands of years and are still used regularly by people around the world for their healing and health promoting properties. Bentonite is one of the best of those healing clays and is part of a class of clay minerals known as smectite.

Where I buy my Bentonite Clay ~ Which one I buy! ~~~Nancy

In this video I talk about how healing minerals (clays) are in our earth. What I've read is that our government (the U.S.) buys this good land - by way of National Parks, and in this way, they own the rights to this mineral rich soil. Slowly taking away these minerals from our use~ ~~~Nancy Gurish

Please note! I'll post a video here shortly!

Bentonite clay is made up of flat rectangular particles, which, when hydrated, have a powerful negative charge, giving them an amazing ability to pull to their surface, and ... more to come!


Bentonite Clay! ~~~Nancy Gurish

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