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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

To the Food And Beverage Index ~`

Eating healthy foods is something that I strive for!

Eating healthy foods is something that I strive for!

It has been a long time since I have consumed
a carbonated beverage! That has come easily
for me. However for quite a few years, I was
stuck on diet colas! But I have successfully
stopped drinking them! Thank heavens!

Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are
causing many health troubles for people!

What we choose to eat and drink in a day is important
to our overall and long-term health! Healthy choices
are important!

In this department of the magazine ~(home) I will

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share some of the ideas I have, and the choices
that I make. Not all are healthy choices!
I'm human and weak sometimes, in
some places of my life! But I try!

I'll put an article and a video below for you to see!

Please note!
I'll post my video shortely! Please stop back!

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