Insulin Resistance & Brain Cells!
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Insulin resistance and the condition called Alzheimers are related.
I'll show you how this happens.
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The Keto food plan can help to reverse insulin resistance, and in reversing insulin resistance,
you can reverse many symptoms of illness and disease!

Alzheimers is linked to insulin resistance because
when insulin is raised there is cell damage.

Cellular death in the brain may be linked to Alzheimers Disease.

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Without insulin, the cells of our body can't get energy fuel, and can't absorb nutrition; the cells are starving; some cells die off!

The person affected will begin to crave carbohydrates, and an unfortunate process begins!

Insulin resistance is important to many people for many different reasons, and it is a vicious cycle.

Under normal operating conditions our body's cells (upon receiving insulin) will send a signal to the pancreas which will stop the production and flow of insulin.

But, when insulin resistance is happening, the cells will send a call to the pancreas to send more insulin! And more insulin is manufactured.

And when this insulin is not accepted into the cells - they once again call for more insulin. Thus the vicious cycle is in motion.

A person suffering with insulin resistance will have 5 to 7 times more of this hormone than under normal circumstances.

The results of this increased insulin production mean both, 1) higher blood sugar levels and 2) damage to the cells!

Insulin is being manufactured and sent out from the pancreas but not, received or taken in at the cellular level.

When insulin is properly taken up by the cells, then insulin production diminishes.

The connection of insulin resistance, to the condition Alzheimers is associated because of the death and damage to the cells in the brain.

In the video below you can find out that, if the cells are healed, the insulin is absorbed in a normal fashion, and the unusual and increased insulin production is stopped.

The insulin is trying to do it's job, but it can't.

What is the cause of insulin resistance?

Chronic consumption of carbohydrates and eating too frequently are the main factors in causing this predicament.

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What can help?

A healthy version of the Keto diet, along with intermitant fasting are a route to reversing insulin resistance.
And in time, cell tissue can build and repair!

Zinc, Vitamin D, Chromium, Potassium and magnesium are supplements or nutrients that help in reversing this condition as well.

Increased exercise, reduced stress levels and better sleep habits are also credited in reversing insulin resistance.

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I'm not in medicine! I am a Cosmetologist and I'm interested in staying healthy through natural means! ~~~Nancy
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