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A friend of mine explained to me the importance of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video that explains how to do this and, why you might wish to do this if you are using apricot kernels for your health! ~~~Nancy Gurish/

... to the video ...

Blood Viscosity! (Thickness)

I've gotten lots of help from Dr. Tent's videos.

He's a man that I like to follow on Youtube!

Dr Tent's recommendation for 'Slippery Blood'

a.k.a. good blood viscosity!

See the video - below! ~~~Nancy

Dr Tent says, 'The modern diet makes his blood 'sticky' - to make you're blood 'slippery', Dr. Tent takes 2 Ginko in the morning, in the evening he takes 2 Billberry 6000 mg to keep his eyes clear and it treats his blood.

At lunch time he takes 2 Omega 3 / EPA / DHA.

Watch the video - Dr. Tent mentions another supplement - I could not make out the name of it!

This is for Blood Viscosity! I trust Dr. Tent's suggestions for health!

I've watched many of his videos and he's tought me a lot!


See the video on Youtube (or below!): at 'Slippery Blood' by Diverse Health Services - Dr. Tent


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