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My Cavity And Gums Repaired With Supplements!


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Cavity And Cracked Tooth And Gums!!
Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

The video below was filmed in July of 2016!

One of my teeth had cracked in 2014, and I took supplements to help it to grow back.

The supplements have been working to heal this cracked tooth and in the process my deep cavity, in the back of my mouth began to heal!

This video is part one of a series that I will be posting to show you how I have grown a crcked tooth in, and I have had a deep cavity repair!

In the video you can see that the gum has grown the bone was exposed and the cavity has begun to heal!
I'll have more pictures in my website here and on video for you!

Stress will cause teeth to crack! And gums to get soft!

One of the main supplements I took was a Vitamin C with Rose Hips and Bioflavonoids!

I have a listing of the supplements that I used.

(See the videos below!)

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Note! The video about my cavity repair will be here
soon! Please stop back! ~~~Nancy


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I've used the product called black salve and have
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