Morgellons Disease Was Not Understood Is Not?!

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Morgellons Disease! ~~~Nancy

Poorly Understood - There IS Help!


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Natural Help For Reversing Out Morgellons!

Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

No matter what you see on the internet
I've seen some results!

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy, from YouTube!

In my walk on this here internet - I've seen people post that they
have gotten done and gotten on with their lives
when it comes to their case of Morgellons!
I'll present as much as I can to you

here - and at my YouTube channel!
For some reason, this illness came to my attention!
Treatment seems to be multi-fold. Supplements and nutrition
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~~~Nancy Gurish! YHTF Magazine!

"... wheat germ has easily digestible protein and oats have more lysine than most grains, the limiting amino acid for both wheat germ and oats is lysine, so they don't form a complete protein when they are. ~`

[See: Certain enzymes are very useful topically in curbing the Morgellons symptoms We present the first case of a patient with Morgellon's syndrome who had additional findings suggesting that it is a

that they will be of help to someone!

~~~Nancy Gurish

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