Chlorine Causes Me A Lot Of Trouble!
And Pain!

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Fluoride And Chlorine In The Water!

This is something that is important to me because,

I personally, have a lot of trouble with the calcium

in our tap water!

Calcium from Chlorine is just one of the chemicals in my household tap water!

Fluoride is another.

Fluoride is an entirely other situation, however

I do know what the chlorine is doing to me!

Chlorine is calcium chloride and calcium

is something that causes

a lot of health troubles for me!

Each day I take magnesium to make my heart beat steady.
Magnesium also keeps Restless Leg Syndrome away for me,

which is very important to me.

A big problem for me is the pain in my neck that is caused
by my shower water! Magnesium by mouth doesn't stop this trouble!

This is caused by calcium deposits that get into the tiny bones

in my neck. When I keep shower water off of my neck, it
doesn't happen, and if shower water gets on my neck I have a creaky neck that hurts!

Below is an article and video on how a reverse osmosis water filter
works to keep calcium and fluoride out of our shower and drinking water.

Here's a video: it looks like something called Chloramine is
replacine Calcium Chloride. It's more dangerous, if that's possible!

I'll put a link to a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for you to look at as well. Reverse Osmosis is the filter
that gets this stuff out of our water. Other filters don't remove
the calcium or fluoride. I've had a less expensive whole house water filter
in my basement that removes a lot of debris, but not these two chemicals.

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"Reverse osmosis (RO) is a great water filtration option for plants and drinking water alike. Leaving water with almost no dissolved solids at all it’s an excellent choice for hydroponic growers. If large amounts of water need to be purified, RO systems can be professionally installed under a sink, or even be made to filter all the water coming into the house. Not only does it remove chloramine and chloramine by-products, it is one of the only methods that also rids water of heavy metals. "
From: High Times How To Remove Chlorien From Tap Water
By - Sirius J February 2015

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- ewswater
Product for you to look at:
iSpring Commercial Grade Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
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