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Immune System Support

Good leafy greens are healthy sources of vitamins that support the immune system. A complete vitamin C is another tool for staying healthy and avoiding disease. A real vitamin C has co-factors, one of which is Bioflavonoids. YHTF

A Good Combo!

A good source of immune support is the combined use of dark, leafy greens and supplementing with a good source of Vitamin C!

If you know me, from my magazine and from my YouTube channel - you know that I frequently speak about taking a real Vitamin C! ~`My YouTube Channel

Vitamins are like everything else in this world, there are real and their are fake vitamins! ~`Water vs Fat Soluble Vitamins

Synthetic vs Natural

According to a popular Clinical Nutritionist and health researcher, Judith A. DeCava, in The Real Truth Vitamins, "vitamins from natural food sources are enzymatically alive. Synthetic vitamins are dead chemicals." ~`Get the Book!


Note: Natural vitamins are accompanied by cofactors, for example Vitamin C is accompanied by bioflavonoids.

The co-factor Bioflavonoids are what I look for when purchasing my Vitamin C! Fake vitamins aren't useful and won't help me to obtain the results that I'm looking for!
See my video, below for my Vitamin C Story!

Vitamins A & C From Veggies

There are many good vegetables to chose from, but to obtain a good amount of Vitamins A and C we can pick sweet potatoes, squash, beets and broccli!

Over the years I have learned to put together more healthy meals, however on a daily basis, I use supplements in order to stay healthy and avoid sickness!

The Video!

TheVitamin C Story - What is Ascorbic Acid? What is Real Vitamin C?

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On another note!
Intermitant fasting, not eating in between meals can be one first healthy step in healing from any condition. ~`to this page

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I'm not in medicine! I am a Cosmetologist and I'm interested in staying healthy through natural means! ~~~Nancy
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A friend of mine explained to me the importance
of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video
that explains how to do this and, why you might wish to do this if you are using apricot kernels for your health!


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