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Collagen is an unique type of protein and, in fact, 90% of our connective tissues are comprised of this type of protein! 70% of our skin is collagen protein!

Supplementing with collagen helps us to rebuild skin, bones, hair, teeth, nails and the gut lining! This protein also helps with losing weight!

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Collagen Will Moisturize Your Skin!

Collagen is used to reduce wrinkles and also for getting a glowing complexion, as it increases skin hydration and builds healthy skin cells!

Bones, Joints, Teeth and Gums

This is the supplement to use, for getting strong and flexible joints; supporting healthy bone tissue and for building strong teeth as well as for keeping and gaining healthy gum tissue! Collagen is a great source of protein. ~`See Teeth And Gum Section

Weight Loss!

The way that collagen helps us to lose weight is two-fold; it 1) helps to provide a feeling of fullness and 2) keeps joints and muscle tissue strong so that we can maintain a good level of fitness through natural movement!

How Much To Take?

Taking a small quantity of a new supplement is best, I always begin by taking a very low dose when a supplement is new to me.
Collagen is a powder and each container comes with a scoop inside. See my product list below for my favorite collagen powder!
For building muscle tissue some people say they use 1-1/2 scoops per day to begin.

For strengthening joints and bone or teeth, or for reducing cellulite, it may be good to use one scoop per day.

After using collagen for a few days, it will become clear how your body will respond to it. If it digests well, and your bowel movements are good, a person could increase the amount of scoops per day if they are working for building cell tissues; bone, muscle, teeth and gums.

For me, I would use it in the morning and again in the evening if I were reaching for healing or building of tissue, like gum tissue; bone tissue, or for weight loss.

Side Effects

Collagen seems to be safe for most people to take, however some have experienced a feeling of fullness, heartburn or a bad taste in their mouth.

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Please note: This is not health advice. I'm a Cosmetologist and I am interested in ways to stay healthy through natural means! And then I share my experience with you! ~`My Disclaimer Page

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