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For some years I neglected my teeth! Ignored cavities!!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy!

Teeth And Gums!

Throughout my younger years (20's 30's) many people
told me that I had nice teeth. I was blessed with
healthy, strong and pretty straight teeth.

This is in spite of being a thumb-sucker for
a whole lot of years!. *Up thrugh my 6th year about!

In my mid 30's I had bad lifestyle habits going on!
It was in my mid to later 20's that I began to neglect
my teeth. I made dental appointments and didn't keep them.

So I let cavities go and didn't follow up with them.
Actually I didn't get that many cavities. But my teeth
and gums were neglected. At the age of 34 I did begin
to go to regular cleaning appointments and dental

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Today I care for my teeth!

A few months ago one of my teeth cracked!
I took the challenge to get the tooth to heal and grow!

This tooth did grow, and is almost fully grown!

I will post some videos on this topic soon!

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Cracked Tooth Update Video!

I've got experience today with teeth and gums that
I'll be sharing with you in this section of

Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine!

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On Another Note!

Magnesium takes care of my irregular heartbeat!
Today it is regular! ~`

Peace Buttercups!