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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

It began with colloidal silver, but progressed
from there! I'll speak more to this as we go!

My Knees Are Better!

I'm 61 years old and I can tell you that
my arthritic and previously worn
knees are better! I've got a histroy of having
the cartilage behind my knee caps being
worn down. This was happening for me in my
early 20's. It got worse for me in my 40's and
early 50's. Then I found a few simple supplements for arthritis ~` and
life with my knees was changed ~`go. In time I found
more supplements and I had more improvement in my knees!

No doubt I do have a video speaking to my knees! I'll
post that video below and will be
make another one very shortly! In a nutshaell what
helped my knees where the supplements that I took
... continue below ...

for my cracked teeth! You can't take a supplement for
one condition and expect it not to help with
with another condition! It works because the body will
carry nutrition throughout the entire system! ~`go

This video was filmed way before my tooth experience!

Colloidal Silver was the first step in my joint
health. What kicked the healing into overdrive was
the tooth supplements ~`go that I took!

... continue ...

See this video here or at my YouTube channel! ~`

Within this video is an option for a short version!

P.S. In the video I speak about Miracle Mineral Solution!
I have written articles about MMS.~`Go

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