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Finally found an angstrom-sized Copper Supplement!!!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Colloidal copper is my second go-to

mineral! Silver is my first! Probably sulfur would
be my third! Sulfur!

About 10 minutes ago I took a little copper,
because, at the moment, I am out of silver!
I make my own silver but I'm out of it!
That's not good however,
I did have some copper on hand!

For me, I use these minerals for their anti-viral properties.
anti-viral properties! Colds, flu, cold sores, etc.
It helps me with these things!

... continue below ...

Copper works for connective tissue and
it works for stopping gray hair from coming in!

Tomorrow I'll pick up some distilled water and get some
silver cookin! Silver is really good for arthritis too!
Copper has a lot of benefits and I'll speak more to
this as I go. I'll post a video below for you on copper!
You can see it here or on my YouTube channel!

I found a source for an angstrom-sized copper! *See below!
Until very recently, you couldn't find it online! Now it's on
Amazon. This is the best form to take for health support!

Copper For Artery Health And More!

*Here's the product:

Angstrom Minerals, Copper 8oz

P.S. Cranberries contain copper and Vitamin C!

On Another Note:
Ligaments and joints will benefit from the
use of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) ~`

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