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Hi everybody!
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Colloidal silver is great for my pets!

Ever since I first found colloidal silver I knew that if it was good for me and my family, than it was good for my dogs!
When I first began to use colloidal silver I had two dogs and one cat! Nikki Belle (Chow-Chow), Sara
(Golden Retriever mix!) and Clyde the cat! We all took colloidal silver!
It has been very good for my joints! And it was very good for theirs!

And for immunity for them, from disease! I put some into their water bowl most every day!

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... back to the article folks! ... All of my dogs, and our cat lived to ripe older ages!
Our chow never had trouble with her hips, and Nikki's

breed is subject to hip problems.
Sara was a larger dog and my only wish was that I would have found silver earlier

for her.
It definitely kept her joints in very good shape!
She could have used it in the first four years of her life.
Nikki lived into the age of 15 and Sara to age 12. We had

a very, very bad winter, and it took a toll on her legs. Also my mom was staying at our home and we had

put a wheelchair ramp on the back of the house. Sara had trouble navigating the ramp especially with it being
winter. And it took a toll on her legs. She was my heart!

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Clyde lived to 16 years old! He was a rough and tumble indoor and outdoor cat! Very strong and hearty!
Today we have Sally and Patty! And they get colloidal silver! Probiotics are good to give to pets as well!