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A Julialanan Production LLC USA An Internet Magazine
Hi there Buttercups!
Welcome to my magazine!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Nancy K Gurish

This is my internet magazine, I call it

Your Health And Tech Friend!
I've created many entrances to get in to this magazine!

I so much enjoy this work!!!

In 2010 I decided to start a web page. And what I had in mind was a one page set up! One page where I could share my experience and knowledge of a product that I had been using since 2006!

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That product was Colloidal Silver! ~` I don't know how to do anything in a small way! So, that one page, grew into a magazine!

My magazine has departments and sections! ~`

And, in fact, today I have an entire section devoted to the topic of Colloidal Silver! ~`

Many of the topics I write about, need to be covered by a video talk as well as an article! So I create some video content to go along with the articles I post!
Podcast #3

Please also see my Podcasts!I am using PodBean!

And, hold on! I've got another announcement! I'm distributing my work across many platforms, so I also have videos at the Vimeo Video platform! ~`

I will look forward to interacting again with you, at my Facebook Community! ~`


On Another Note:

A friend of mine explained to me the importance
of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video
that explains how to do this and, why you might wish too do this
if you are using apricot kernels for your health!

See my video:
Soaking and Chewing Apricot Kernels! ~~~Nancy

And More!
Vitamins come in two flavors! Fat soluble
and water soluble! They act differently in our
bodies! I've become very interested in which
vitamins, do what, and what they do!
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