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Hi everybody!
Hi there Buttercups!
As we get older, our bodies begin to retain water!

Fluid Retention And Swollen Feet!

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Retaining water is a natural occurrance and it happens for me!

Lately, fluid retention, in my case began to show up as swollen feet!

And my shoes became very uncomfortable!

Note! Update! Today my shoes became comfortable again! My toes feel good inside of my shoes! I am so happy!

As we age, our body fluids begin to slow down!

Minerals and vitamins don't circulate as they had when we were younger! See: Circulatory Section!

Recently, for me, out of the blue, it seemed as if my feet had gotten too big for my shoes!

Every pair of shoes that I had, hurt my toes!

Water retention will be more of a problem if our bodies don't obtain the proper ratio of sodium to potassium!

They say that we need 3 to 4 times the aount of potassium to sodium! Some say it is more!

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So, what happened? Why did my shoes get so tight?

I was, just about to buy a larger shoe size, when it stopped! My shoes fit again!

Recently, in my videos, I have been talking about taking a potassium supplement! I added a plain potassium tablet into my daily supplement program!

I take a magnesium tablet every day and I began to take a magnesium and potassium combination supplement! And a straight potassium supplement too! see below!

It became apparent to me that I needed to supplement with a good amount of potassium! We can't get it in foods anymore!
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I have come to see that the weight that I assumed was fat weight gain, in reality was water retention!

Water is retained in all of our cells! It is in my face, my abdomen! And throughout my body!

It is much better today and I know this is better for my overall health!

So, that problem is solved!

Magnesium keeps my heart beat regular, it keeps away restless leg syndrome and I don't get leg or foot cramps anymore!

Peace *Buttercups!
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