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Probiotics, Fiber, Collagen and more!

" .... so many people need to heal their gut!"

Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy!

I'm looking at digestion Buttercups!
Particularly Leaky Gut ~`
Recently I've had some signs of trouble along these
lines. So what will help?

There are a few we can do to
help digestion just in general!

Here are some simple things to do:

  • Avoid eating corn. 95% of corn is GMO and is sprayed with a chemical
    that is an antibiotic!
  • Use collagen. It can heal our gut!
  • Use a good probiotic or eat fermented foods, like Saurkraut!
  • Get some fiber into the foods we eat! I will look for idesas for this, soon.
  • Drink plenty of clean water!
  • Eat several or many smaller meals! Frequent digestive activity is good!
  • Make sure we are chewing our foods thoroughly! It helsp digestion!

[See the video below! ~`]

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These are a few things that can help digestion in
general and can aid in healing the body from
certain conditions which look to stem from
leaky gut issues!

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5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut!

Drew Canole: Saturday Strategy! ~`

Remember! I'm not in the health profession!
I'm just interested in staying healthy
through natural means! ~`
Peace Buttercups!

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