Stomach Troubles And Magnesium Deficiency!


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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Okay. As I understand this, gluten can damage the intestinal walls
which then interferes with the absorption of nutrients!

And, in turn ...
this can bring on food sensitives! And things like leaky gut!

And the bottom line of all of this may be magnesium deficiency!

They say that people with food intolerance's are found to be magnesium

Ah ha!

That's good enough for me! And because of my
irregular heart beat - and restless leg syndrome, I already know
that I'm on the low side with magnesium, but I am now believing
that I am more deficient than I knew! Every day I take about 1 Tablespoon
of Epsom Salts in my water, spread out throughout the day. But I'm going
to get some magnesium supplements and take them as well! I've had some

digestive troubles lately, and this article below suggests magnesium
would interfere with proper digestion!

Of course, I'll make videos about this more as we go!

There is a video as well, at the website I looked at. I'll put it below!

This video is pretty darn good - check it out!

Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency



I just found out that magnesium deficiency can bring on
food sensitivities ... check out the video above and this article!

"Most people are aware that gluten can induce mal-absorption of nutrients.

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Gluten can cause damage to intestinal cells can reduce the production of
digestive enzymes that help break down foods and aid in
nutrient absorption. Additionally, it can
contribute to villous atrophy, leaky gut syndrome, and diarrhea.
All of these issues are associated with poor nutritional absorption.

The following video discusses the causes and consequences of magnesium deficiency.
Lack of this mineral is extremely common in those with food intolerance
issues, and often times the symptoms mimic other diseases.

Read more ... to this article ...

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