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About me!

Here's the story!

Once again I'm working at toning and tightening my skin!

Of course I have had to to do this many times in my life!
I've gone up and down in weight a lot in my time.

These past 5 years I've maintained a good weight but
there was a period of time where my activity level had gone
down which caused my muscles to get weak! And with this came
flabby and creapy skin! These are due to loss of muscle mass.

Those are two ways that I wind up with flabby skin. Weight
loss and inactivity-induced muscle loss! So ... once again
I'm working at toning and tightening. it's not easy but it
certainly is something that can be done, no matter
what your age. I'm 61 today and have been getting success.

If you see me in my YouTube videos you can see that I like to
wear sleeveless dresses and to do this you need nice arms!

That is how I prefer my appearance to be. So I have to
work for it. I'll talk more about how I do this as we go along!

Of course I'll make videos too!

I've picked out a product for you as well, below
I think Skinny Tan is good and it is really natural!

Skinny Tan works with Guarana and it won't yellow.

I think that a moderate application (used as directed)
would be good for tanning and disguising cellulite~

P.S. Hydration helps! It 'plumps up' the skin!
P.P.S. Don't let anyone tell you that you are too old!
It's not true!!!

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A Product for you!

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Skinny Tan helps to reduce cellulite lines.

Get Your Perfect Tan with Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner


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I've read about it and it is good for covering up
and putting cellulite lines in the shadows.
A tan always improves the appearance of our skin!
A safe tanning product! ~~~Nancy

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