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The paragraph below is a message that I have
received from a viewer at my YouTube channel!

Hi Nancy, thank you for your videos on MMS. I am chronically ill with Lyme Disease, co-infections, Candida, and serious digestive issues. I have a lot of pathogens in my gut, malabsorption, and dysbiosis. My doctor wants me to try MMS at a very low dose. He suggested to mix 1 drop of the sodium chlorite and 1 drop of citric acid, and then add 20 ounces of water. He said to drink only 1 ounce and throw the rest away (because it will not keep). He wants me to do that every day for 1 week and then try to increase if there is no Herx. Just wondering if you have any experience with chronically ill people and dosing. I would appreciate any input that you have. I'm scared to try this, but I know I have to do something because conventional medicine has failed me.

I have answered to this here below so that
it will be of help to more than one person!

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Here is my response! Remember! It's not
medical or health advice! ~`
I am a Cosmetologist who is sharing my
experience with alternative supplements!

Chronically Ill With Lyme Disease ~ MMS

Wow! You have a progressive doctor! A smart one!
He's spot on with the measure he suggests
because - as he said "if you have no Herxheimer Reaction"
then you can increase later on.

The reason you go very slowly is because with a
lot of pathogens, the die-off Herxheimer ~video below too! would be
great! And that may mean getting reactions
that mimic the illness. And diharreha.
A few things that I would like to respond with.

One: Gratitude

that there is an intelligent doctor.

Two: Think detox!

One reason is that the
condition itself would be benefited by it.
and another reason is to get rid of the dead
cells that will gather from using MMS. Something
that would benefit for this right away would
be apples. The core (with seeds) should be eaten.
I've done this - the reason is - there is a lot
of pectin in the core. Pectin is what cleans up

the debris. From what I have heard, it is a
long process, getting rid of Lyme disease
and all of the conditions that are involved.
Three: Use Enemas
to clean out the gut. See an article below!
You mention several conditions
which would benefit from the use of a colonic!

Four: My opinion

when you increase as
the doctor suggested: it would be an increase in
frequency: take a second dose in the day - and
not necessarily increase the strength. Yet.

The reason is that if the body tolerates that
particular dose, then it would seem that it would

Herxheimer Explained!

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tolerate a second dose later in the day.
Also the frequency is more important than the
strength of one dose. You see?

Then - over time, you increase the strength of each
of those doses. Keep in touch and let me know how
how you are doing. It's a process, so try and
keep faith that you are going in the right
direction. Drinking clear fluids and lots of
water. I will address the candida in another

Five: Prayer!

Throw in some prayer and you're in there!
You will hit it out of the park!

I will definately say a prayer for you too!

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On Another Note!

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