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Prostate Health And Help!

It seems as if problems with the prostate can
be a result of too much estrogen.
There is supposed to be a balance in estrogen
and testosterone in the body. If estrogen
begins to dominate, then trouble arises!

There is estrogen in meat that we consume
unless you buy hormone-free meats!
GMO foods are sprayed with pesticides that
act as estrogen in our bodies! Organic vegetables
would eliminate this source of estrogen reaction.

Soy, corn and beet sugar will increase the level
of estrogen. Additional fat in our body converts
to estrogen. These cause inflammation in the
body. Excess estrogen causes fibroids in the
Uterus of women and causes prostates to enlarge
for men. Alcohol consumption causes an increase
in estrogen levels in the body.

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What will help this condition? One simple
thing is to add more cruciferous vegetables
into a daily diet. Broccli, colliflour, brussel
sprouts, raddish, cabbage, arrugula.
Sea kelp will help to reduce estrogen and
is also helpful for the thyroid.

There is a supplement that will help if
we can't get enough cruciferous vegetables
in our day. I'll put a source below for
some supplements that can be used.
Something else that helps is the combination
of Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto. These taken
together are very good for lowering the
estrogen level and they help to decrease
inflammation everywhere in the body!
See the video on this page for this and more
help with prostate troubles!

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Estrogen And Your Prostate! ~`


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