Complications From A UTI!

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy!

It was my experience that many, many times a UTI
did delay my period!

Although I don't have my period anymore I would like
throw my hat into the ring by offering my experience!

One reason I'm writing about this is because doctors
always told me that this didn't happen!

But this did happen for me.

Over and over again!

In case you don't know me, my name is ~~~Nancy
I post videos about health situations that I have
experienced, where I may have information that I can
share with others. And this is one of those cases!

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Remember that I am a cosmetologist so this isn't health
advice, it's just my experience!
I've had frequent U.T.I.'s and my period would be delayed
many times, until I took something to clear up the U.T.I.!


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What I'm writing about here is that if a person has light urine flow, or trouble emptying their bladder, they really ought to do something other than get a prescription from a doctor for it.

My thoughts are that there is something is going wrong with a person if that happens. Something that needs attention, not just a pill ... to this page ... ~~~Nancy Gurish

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