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Headache Gall Bladder Connection!

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The Gall Bladder may be responsible for 98%
of all headaches! Whoa! That's wild!

Why would this be? Well, it's a
matter of a nerve that goes up past
the gall bladder through the shoulder area and
on to the neck area!

In turn this affects the head!

When the gall bladder becomes inflammed
it presses back and puts pressure on
this nerve!

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Problems with the gall bladder are more
likely to happen to women, to people over
the age of 40 and to individuals who are
overweight or obese!

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" ...Morgellon's disease is a poorly described, severe ulcerative skin condition that histologically is consistent with dermatitis artefacta.
It has therefore been dismissed as a psychosomatic disorder, much as was the case with ulcerative colitis in the period from 1930 to 1960. ... to this page ... ~~~Nancy

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