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God Calling, God at Eventide!
Hi everybody!
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I've owned and used a copy of this book
for many years now and wish to
share it with you here!

Prayer and medititation is a big part
of my life! The morning is the time
of day that works best for me!

A particular book was written and penned
by two women who wish to remain anonymous!
They have referred to themselves as:
The Two Listeners!

...more below ...

A Man named A.J. Russel has edited and
written forwards to several
editions of this series of books!

I enjoy this book series and it has
given me much help and direction in my
prayer life!

God Calling and God at Eventide is a book
in meditation form that is divided
into two parts. Part One is God Calling!
Part Two is God at Eventide!

Each section contains a meditation for each
day of the year! A. J. Russel has provided
a forward to each of the sections!

This book is a powerhouse of material
for mediatation for the entire day!


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