Each Person's Prayers Count!
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Please pray a prayer for our world! ~~~Nancy Each Person Needs To Pray!
Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

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Everyone's Prayers' Count!

God made each one of us specially!


Many people say that they don't believe that God hears their prayers!
The truth is that God hears all prayers!
Everyone's prayers are important to God!

Through prayer - I developed faith in God.

And with time, I grew to have trust in God. But this took time for me!

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Take time out for prayer and meditiation!
It is very necessary for good health!

Only through my prayer life have I gained both peace, and wisdom.

While I was growing up, I used to wonder what the meaning of life was!
I've wondered what the meaning of my life was!
I've found out what my job in life is!

It is to pray! Each of us needs to pray!

Our world needs our prayers!

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On another note:
Today is a new day and although each day is new, sometimes I feel as if
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