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Clogged hardened arteries!

Hardening of the arteries doesn't begin with consuming too much cholesterol from foods!

I was born in 1956, 63 years old at this writing and the way that I handle my cholesterol issues is very different from the way my mom handled hers!

Or my grandma!

Is it red meat? Or too much fat?

In the past decades the scoop about clogged arteries was all about cutting down on the amount of red meat, and fats in your diet!

There was no mention of sugars or refined, or simple carbohydrates!

So, everyone went on low fat diets!

But the problem didn't go away! It didn't work!

Low Fat Diets?

Today I know that low fat foods are not a good idea! However it took some time for me to learn and digest the truth about that!

If you have come this far, understanding the truth about high cholesterol, foods with cholesterol, fats and red meat, than you are ready for the next step!

Arteries tear! They can crack.

The next step is to understand that the arteries will, tear! Arteries are connective tissue, which can break or tear! ~`Artery Section.

When this happens, the body has a self repair system, it sends out a signal for cholesterol to come to the rescue! The cholesterol forms a patch, to bandage the damaged tissue!

Cholesterol can also combine with calcium to form a better patch! And the process of narrowing of the artery has begun!

That's right! It is the body itself that puts out extra cholesterol in order to form a patch to fix the artery!

So the trouble begins before cholesterol comes in to the picture!

How do arteries tear?

The solution to hardened arteries then is in keeping the artery tissue connective tissue from getting damaged!

Damage can happen for three reasons!

#1 Lack of Vitamin C

It can be a lack of Vitamin C (which keeps artery tissue strong and elastic). A complete Vitamin C!
Vitamin C the whole compound helps to supply the body with what it needs to create collagen! This keeps artery tissue strong, and elastic!

A complete Vitamin C has a molecule of copper, which helps with continual repair of our artery tissues! Vegetables have the Vitamin C that we require!

One of my regular supplements is a Vitamin C with Rose Hips, and Bioflavonoids!

#2 High Insulin

Or it is a result of high insulin, a result of consuming too much sugar!
That is sugar and/or refined and simple carbohydrates!

As for high insulin that is another condition that is well worth learning about!

High insulin causes a condition called insulin resistance - which then brings about a set of circumstances, known as metobolic syndrome, which result in conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

#3 Calcium Intake

Hardened arteries can actually be caused by taking in too much calcium - by way of foods or the wrong forms of calcium in supplement form! An example of bad form of calcium, is calcium carbonate.

Some people take in calcium with Vitamin D; this will result in way too much calcium in the blood! see the video below

Cutting out all refined and simple carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol for one month, could show good results! see the video below

And, I never supplement with calcium!

What I do to protect myself from the damage caused by calcium is that I make certain that I supplement with a magnesium glycinate tablet, approx. 400 to 600 mg every day! ~`Magnesium section!

This is because magnesium is the balance for calcium!

We take in a good amount of calcium each day, but magnesium is scarce!

Remember to look to your health care providor for the answers to your health questions!

Here is a video by Dr. Eric Berg DC that will help you!

My license is that of a managing cosmetologist, so I don't offer health advice! ~`Nancy

This is only what I do, and I pass the information on to you!

P.S. Another tip is to find out how Vitamin K2 helps to flush arteries out! And keep them clean! Artery Tissue Heals">~`to this article
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By the way! One of my most popular videos is just below!


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