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Turmeric Curcumin And Bioperine


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Turmeric For Immune System Support!
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Some people use Turmeric for bone support, pain or even brain health! But it seems that many people are including it in their protocol for cancer!

Turmeric is great support the the immune system!

I have spoken on video and podcast about the benefits of using Apricot Kernels for cancer!
But I also see that people are incorporating Turmeric into their cancer protocols!

Turmeric (Curcumin) with Bioperine is a supplement that I would choose.

Bioperine is a pure piperine extract which is taken from black pepper fruits. Black pepper, (piperine) enhances the bioavailability of herbs such as turmeric!

Also for bone support and pain relief!

Turmeric helps with arthritis and other pain, because it is an antiinflammatory substance!

Turmeric can be used alone for health, or used as one part of a supplement plan for orverall health!

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As soon as possible I will post a video with more information about turmeric and how it works in the body!

This is ny Copper for Gray Hair Video!

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