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Learning From Strong Women! Courage! Wisdom!

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Prayer Makes for Strong Women! And Men!

At different times in my life I have learned
lessons about the various parts of life.

In the past months I have been directed to
listening to the words of a few strong women.
One of these women is Rose Kennedy. She has shown
courage to go forward in life, in spite of much
adversity and pain.

I have written some about Mrs. Rose Kennedy ~ in my
Who's Who ~ department here
at Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine. ~

The Kennedy women inlaws as well, have shown much
bravery and inner strength. Robert Bobby Kennedy's
wife, Ethel Skakel Kennedy (~more) is a great example.

Ethel had to go forward alone with 10 small children after her husband's
death (~more). And she was pregnant with the 11th child Rory!

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The lessons I'm learning are of:
1) being a strong person of good character, responsibilities, behavior,
2) of a good wife and the characteristics and actions,
3) and of a mother. The character of a good mother!

What these women had in common was their
prayer life. Their daily prayer life ~ and the faith
and trust they had developed in this way.

Every one of us is an example. I'd like to be an
example for the good! Below is a documentary on
Ethel Kennedy. She does not toot her own horn.
She can't see taking the credit for the
responsibilities she rose to in her family's life!

This video below~ is a Moxie Firecracker Film, Rory Kennedy's ~ work.

Ethel ~ HBO Documentary

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Strong Catholic Family Faith ~
" website has been created by catechetical and evangelization staff from the Catholic dioceses of Jefferson City, MO (Jim Kemna, now retired); San Jose, CA (Wendy Scherbart, now retired); and St. Petersburg, FL (Diane Kledzik) to provide parish and school leaders with high quality resources to build strong Catholic families." ~ more.

A product to look at!

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