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Pg One - The Divine Will~

This page is about Living in The Divine Will.
This is a large proposition! ~~~Nancy
"The way of the Christian is to exercise our will, to modify our desires to line up with what we know, is good, true and beautiful."

Hi Everyone! This is ~~~Nancy The passages on this page are excerpts taken from the video (below on this page) and which is available on Youtube. "Our world is usually the exact opposite of the divine will."

Jesus is the teacher of the Divine Will

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He taught His Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta
Luisa is known as the Little Daughter of the Divine Will (b. 1865 d. 1947)
See: The Divine Will and The Servant of God

Luisa Piccarreta
- Luisa put these teaching down on paper in journals.

And has become a teacher of Jesus' Divine Will.
Here is an excerpt from the video (below):
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