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One of the unexpected results from taking colloidal silver in these past years
has been not getting a cold sore. I'd get one on my lips a few times a year:
it started to become two to three spots on my lips.

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Before a cold, and/or at stressful times in my life, the sore would begin to develop.

After taking silver, I just never got one:
one time, when I was running low on silver,
taking very little, and allowing myself to run nearly out;
a cold sore began to develop. Very quickly I started a batch of silver,
and using it topically on the lip, and sipping the silver
throughout the day, for two to three days, I got rid of it.

It is easier to avoid getting colds, flu and cold sores, than to ..."

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"...Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of cells in the body
and the cells form a hard lump or tumor,
which can then spread into other areas of the body. The exact reason why the cells do this is unknown;
it is not understood why the cells are not receptive to the normal signal
to stop reproducing." ... cancer explained ...

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