Today It's Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade!

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Hi Buttercups!

To the left of me is a glass of water!

In the water are six drops of food-grade hydrogen
peroxide! For about the past five weeks I've been using this

twice a day. I've worked up from 3 drops, to 4 and then 5 and
now 6 drops. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a valuable tool
in my toolbox of supplies that I keep for prevention of illness.

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Prevention is the best!

I fully believe that. So, for this
occassion my intention is to use this throughout the rest of this
month and through December. I'm not good at keeping things on
a calendar, but I can plan on twice a day for certain period of
time. I'm getting more experience and knowledge of these
supplements as the days go on, and I'll keep you up to date with
my use and my thoughts on things! Peace Buttercups!

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"The hydrogen peroxide available in drugstores can be used for some topical applications, but it contains stabilizers such as phenol and acetanilide. This type of hydrogen peroxide should not be taken orally, says Dr. David D. Williams in "The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide." Only food-grade hydrogen peroxide should be used ..."
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