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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor.

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

24 hours a day! That is all we have to live. Years ago I had read about living in day tight compartments.

It may have been ... hmm .. can't recall what book that was in. I read about it, but couldn't apply it to my life! Then my life blew apart!

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What happened was that my alcoholism ~ had reached it's peak and it brought me to my knees!

That was when that life ended and my real life began! The life that I am

able to live out on YouTube and here at my magazine! What happened was that I learned how to life, one day at a time!

Using a spiritually-minded program of living in day-tight compartments, helped me to get

to a good contact with a power greater than myself, and that was/is the best place to be in this world! I have a lot of calm and have grown and matured as never before! Peace Buttercups!


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