Melasma The Mask Of Pregnancy!

Nancy K Gurish

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One of the most seriously wrong decisions I've made in my time was when I had something called melasma on my face!

The condition melasma is the appearance of dark patches that appear on skin, especially on cheeks, forhead, and temples: they say it appears during old age!
However, my case came up right after I had a baby. It's called the mask of pregnancy!

I don't know why it happens, but it happened for me!

The wrong decision I made was in using a cortisone cream for it. But I didn't know better at that time.

Today I know that I would look for natural help for it. I'll look and see what good products or remedies are on the market and share it with you!

Here are the top 4 that I found!

1) Apple cider vinegar! Of course! It makes sense! Dilute vinegar by adding equal proportions of water to ACV before applying to the skin!

2) Lemon Juice. Again, makes sense! I imagine that both lemon juice and vinegar would be good to apply before going outside into the sunlight! Sunlight would probably activate each of these!

3) Onion Juice. Okay, this would be good. I think I'd pick from door one or door two above first! It says to strain small chopped pieces of onion through cheesecloth!

4) Aloe Vera. Sounds great! The article I'm reading says that it has 'anti-pigmentation' properties! Very natural. This sounds good.

I'll look for a good cream that would work and get a link for you! My melasma faded over the next year. I believe the cortisone was really not good for me at all!

There will be related articles sources for this topic below, a video if I find a good one,

and a product for you to look at!

Here's a video for you! Skincare 101: all about hyperpigmentation

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