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A Real Vitamin C Has A Molecule of Copper!

And it has an anti-pneumonia component!

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What makes a real Vitamin C?

A complete Vitamin C has all of the parts that a Vitamin C needs to have!

If a supplement is real, it will heal!

Vitamin C is a compound!

One of thise parts is a molecule of copper!

It has a Vitamin that helps lungs and prevents pneumonia!

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The copper part of the Vitamin C is what gives elasticity and strength to our arteries. The artery tissue is connective tissue and, that is one of the parts of our bodies that benefit from taking Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant that is essential for the synthesis of collagen, which is the protein responsible for the formation of connective tissue, and for wound healing!

Arteries are formed of connective tissue!

The other parts of a whole C Vitamin are Vitamins P, J, K, the Copper molecule and an outer coating of Ascorbic acid!

Ascorbic acid, by itself isn't the real Vitamin c!

The Vitamin J part of this supplement is known as the lung and pneumonia vtamin as it helps your lungs to produce oxygen!

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Copper is in an enzyme form that acts as a precursor to help build the adrenal hormones, which is the reservoir where the Vitamin C is held!

The Vitamin K in this complex is a clotting factor, which is important if you are dealing with an open wound!

If you supplement, you should make sure that the ascorbic acid level is a small percentage of the supplement! And the source should be derived from a natural source such as fruits, vegetables!

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I take copper to help to stop gray hair from coming in! Sometimes it works best if an oil supplement is also used!

I'm not in medicine ~` but I have been learning about the body (our bodies) and how they work! And what helps them ... read more ...

On Another Note!
I find it imperative that I supplement with magnesium and postassium on a daily basis!

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On Another Note!
Magnesium keeps my heart beat regular, it keeps away restless leg syndrome and I don't get leg or foot cramps anymore!
I am a cosmetologist and I am interested in taking supplements to Stay Healthy Through Natural Means. And it works for me! Check with your health expert if you need advice for your health! ~`

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