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Finances Can Be Tough! ~~~Nancy

Life, Events ~ Getting Older!

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Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

This morning, like many mornings

I've been worrying, stewing and thinking

about my YouTube earnings and my bills.

I was wondering if I can make it - or maybe I won't.

All of a sudden I thought about things as they are.
I'm 60 years old and I've worried all of my life,

mostly about what others will think, do or say.
(I'll be 61 in March~)

And I've worried about money.
All of this plays together now with my age.
Then - I realized that I can retire soon.

My Lord - when I'm 62 I can collect social security!

This made me realize that I do not have to be concerned
with what anyone thinks of me anymore!

Realizing this may help now - it might make a difference.
No one needs to understand your life - except for you.
What I feel is that I can retire my mind,

just be retired* right now, mentally and emotionally,

from people, places and things.

I don't know how my YouTube business will play out.

This is the beginning of my 5th year - making videos.

It's a very hard road.

And I don't know if I will succeed financially.

But I want to be happy - I want my joy!

(I've got my first season on a playlist! It's been a journey!)

But maybe that isn't the point or purpose of this.
I've been trying to force it - to make it work and

maybe that's been the wrong attitude.
But - it's the realization that I'm 60 - that helped me today!
There comes a point in life, where - the point has to change.

Maybe I've been letting people, places and things - call the shots!
I don't know how much more of this I have left.

No one knows - but as you age, it becomes more apparent.
I've thought more about this lately.

I don't want my life**
to stand for nothing.
To mean nothing but struggle.

You see - my life has been nothing but struggles - at least
from within.

Definitely - from within.

And I'm kind of tired of that.

Dear God - I have one bill I need to pay each month!

Please let me pay that bill - at least that bill.
Thank you!


P.S. Of course - I'll keep you all up to date!

* I want to enjoy some of this!

** I think each person's retirement
needs to be what they want it to be.