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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

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This department is my Alternative Supplements Department!

In my lifetime I've taken many types of supplements, most of them are mainstream, vitamins and minerals!

The thing that is alternative is that I chose to take supplements, rather than using mainstream medicines!

My aim in life, for myself and my family is to avoid using doctors for anything!

All of us are likely to have some health issues! In my family there are concerns with cholesterol, with arthritis; with artery health and even with some forms of cancer. ~`Cancer Topics

My mother had all of her joints replaced! So, upon doing some research I have found that this is, for the most part, a magnesium deficiency! ~`Magnesium Section

As for arthritis, one of the first types of supplements that I found was Colloidal silver! Wow! That really works well for inflammation; and when you reduce inflammation, you get rid of pain! ~`Colloidal Silver Section

When it comes to cancer, the most important thing that I can emphasize is prevention!

Every one of us can begin to take some turmeric capsules, before cancer shows it's ugly head! ~`Turmeric Benefits

Many cancers grow very slowly so, what I feel is that every one of us has the possibly of getting cancer!
So, why not begin early! Why not prevent these cancers from growing!

So, staying healthy, through natural means is my goal!

This isn't health adivice! It's just what I do, and then I share my experience with you!

My license is that of a managing cosmetologist, so I don't offer health advice! ~`Nancy

By the way! One of my most popular videos is just below!


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