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Hello there! This is ~~~Nancy Gurish! Editor of this magazine and known at YouTube too!

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This page will have a growing listing of some videos from my YouTube channels!
I have four (4) YouTube Channels at this time!

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi! everyone!

This list will grow over time! My first video page listing
is that of a video about my War Room in my home!

There is a movie titled the War Room and
after my family and I watched this movie, I chose to
transform one of the closets in my home into a War Room!
It is truly something of great inspiration! It is a
wonderful help for growing your prayer life and for
increasing and deepening your contact with God!
I recommend this movie and creating a War Room in
your home! Here is the connection to go to my page!

The War Room

~(go there)

Peace Buttercups! Check out my Buttercup Community! ~(go)

On Another Note! Here is my video on Soaking Apricot Kernels in case

you haven't seen it! ~~~Nancy