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Minerals, Vitamins and Natural supplements!

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When I speak about health solutions what I am referring to is in effect fixing things,
such as high blood pressure, cholesterol numbers and
arthritis pain!

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Another example of a health solution is the understanding of the situations of cholesterol and cancer and heart disease!

As the years went by and I got older, I had begun to see the complications that people had got caught up in as they got older!

I've made many, many visits to the hospital to see friends, or the parents of my friends!

And what I saw - was scary!

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We begin to get complications that are known today as metabolic syndrome!

Metabolic syndrome is anything, from diabetis to high blood pressure to cancers!
This syndrome begins to happen as body tissues begin to break down!

Health begins to decline, as we age, but ...

It doesn't have to happen!

Poor food quality, and poor food choices are a part of the problem!

A lack of understanding nutrition is the bottom line of how disease happens, and it is why we can't correct illness!

Muscles and tissues, including bones begin to wear away because of a lack of proper mineral support!

My health solutions can be the reversal of this syndrome, and
what falls into this category is

prevention of

illness and disease!
Prevention is always the best thing!

Image of Nancy Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend MagazinePreferred Products
Wheat Grass Powder, Organic
Vitamin C W/Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips
Hydrolyzed Collagen, Non-GMO

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When I find answers ~ I'll let you know!

P.S. I'm not in medicine! I'm a cosmetologist, and I'm interested in ways to stay healthy through natural means!
And when I find success, I let you know, by way of video and articles in my website! God bless you and your loved ones!

On another note:

Magnesium has kept my heart beat regular for many years now! In the past my heart beat was irregular on a regular basis!
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