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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

I really like computers, and all the hardware, and software involved in today's technology!

Note: I've taught myself to code this website. See my Website Hub! ~`

I have been using online sources to teach myself to code in scripting languages, so that I could build this site! ~`

I have been my own IT guy for my buisness and home! I have been keeping the routers, modems, printers, - desktops and laptops running smoothly!

Basically, I'm a nerd!

From the minute I got my first used computer I was hooked!

I found that I have a true passion for computers, both the hardware and the software!

My first brand new computer, and one of my current desktops, is the Gateway brand.
Gateway has been very good to me!

I've got two Acer Laptops and a Dell Laptop!
Here is an

Acer Aspire Laptop

that I like.

It's been a long but great ride - I've learned so much!

When you work with a website and on the internet - there is an entire whole other business that needs to be studied!

This business is called Search Engine Optimiazation! ~`

I have got some experience with this as well!
There is a lot to learn! ~`
What to do when your computer screen turns pink? I found out! ~`
That is just one of the troubleshooting questions that I can answer!
~~~Nancy ~(go)

I have listed my favorite selection of laptops! ... go ...

Acer bought the Gateway brand! ~, see PCWorld!

On another note!
It is my feeling that - the worst job you do at home, is better than the best job , done in a public school setting. Public school can be great as well, however each family needs to be allowed to decide for themselves!
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