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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor
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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
This section of the magazine ~ is devoted to everything
that I can share with you about computer technology,
both the hardware and the software of computers!

Since 2004 I have taken my computers apart, both internally
and externally. I understand the workings of a computer
and how the internet runs! As the operator/owner
of Your Health And Tech Friend magazine ~
I've had a long journey
in building and running a website, and how to make it known to the world!

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Note: I've taught myself to code this website.
See my Website Hub! ~`

I understand the hardware, all devices, and the
software involved in working on the internet and
for building a business on the great and huge world wide web!

I've been my own IT guy
for my buisness and home!
Routers, modems, printers, etc!

Basically, I'm a nerd!

From the minute I got my first used computer I was hooked!
My first brand new, and current desktop, is the Gateway brand ~`.
Gateway has been very good to me!
Here is an

Acer Aspire Desktop

that I like.

It's been a long but great ride - I've learned so much!

What to do when your computer screen turns pink? ~`

That is just one question I can answer!

~~~Nancy ~(go)

I have listed my favorite selection of laptops! ... go ...

Acer bought the Gateway brand! ~, see PCWorld!