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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

At my YouTube channel ~`, and here at my
website magazine, I share with
you the results that I get from using
alternative sources of support for my
health and the many different supplements
that I like!

During the past 10 years I've been
in business, I also have much experience
with both the hardware and software
with computers, modems, routers and
many other devices I've used in business!
When I use good products, I will share
that with you as well!

There is a listing on this page
of some of the supplements that I use.
But I'll also write some articles
that explain how these products work
and which products and brands
that I like and use!

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--------- PRODUCT LISTING! -------

Colloidal Silver


Miracle Mineral Solution

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)

Apricot Kernels!

Hi! Lots of illness and disease can be avoided and some, reversed out with the right type of Health Solution!
When I find answers ~ I'll let you know! ~~~Nancy Gurish/
... to the video ...

Hi there! During the past six years my
lifestyle has changed quite a bit.

It used to be that I was quite an active
person. My main choice in exercise was walking!

But I'd pretty much left this behind in these
several years! And that's not good!

So - I've initiated a Walking Campaign
with my friends at my YouTube channel!

I'd like you to join in also!
It's been invigorating! (see video below)
Please join us! Get fresh air and get
healthy with me!