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Speaking as a homeowner and a business owner, external backup devices have failed me! External hard drives can flop!

Computer memory boards break down!

In fact the very day after I purchased a brand new Gateway Desktop, there was a power surge, and it blew out my motherboard!

On three ocassions I have purchased External Hard drive devices and they have given out on me!

Genie Back Up Manager Home Product Info Page

So, with that I am sharing a great solution for any home or business! !

One of my External Hard Drives, just broke down in it's third week of service!
With all of my picture and document files on it!

This is never fun! But, what has saved the day for me has been my cloud storage accounts!

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Cloud storage and back up cloud systems are a wonderful way to protect your valuable files!
Today we can save copies of our birth and marriage certificates by scanning them and saving them in document folders!
But they are only as good as their back up systems!

Some fast facts!

Genie9 is an award-winning backup and cloud software provider!
Their mission is to provide cost-effective storage solutions for organizations, home users and partners!

Three backup types available!

  • Full, incremental and mirror!!

  • Backup to virtually any media!!

  • Purging old backup!

It's products range from Cold Storage technology, all the way to Hybrid Technology!

Cold storage permits the archival of countless numbers of terabytes at a marginal cost!
And Hybrid technology was engineered to prioritize restore from the local repository, if it is available!

This is one way to achieve and a fantastic Zero Restore time!

Please note! GBM Home combines all your data protection needs in one simple solution for all users. With its simple sleek interface, novice users can enjoy the step-by-step wizard in creating a backup job. It allows users to backup and recover thier data and OS ... more information ...
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