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If you're looking to grow your online business than you will need to learn about the importance of key words!

Long tail keyword phrases are a very important part of growing your brand!

Well, there is a business that can help!

Awario is a company that helps brands access data
that matters to thier businesses:

gives insights on their customrers, the market and

information about any competitors!

Awario helps to monitor what people are saying about your brand, across the web; on news sites, blogs, forums and social media!

They have offices in Cyprus and California and are headquartered in Belarus.

The Awario team are experts at the technology behind crawling and indexing web data!

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They have built a powerful web search mechanim for businesses!

And More!
Awario has a Starter Kit and many other plans
so that you can find the plan that is best for your business needs!

    Awario is a social media listening tool that lets you track mentions from social media and the Web based on the keywords you set.

    In a single workspace, you get the feed of relevant conversations,
    statistics on the types of mentions, reach and influencers that you need.

    Here’s the full list of sources they pull mentions from:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • News/Blogs & the Web.

News/blog and Web mentions is something that makes Awario a standout compared to other tools.

You’d normally expect a social media monitoring tool to get mentions from social media only,

but Awario gets additional diverse results from review platforms,
forums, blogs, Q&A and news sites.

Awario is easy to use, effective and has the features you need
to reach out to more people in social media and manage your
online reputation better.

Try Awario Pro

Look for a trial package, or ask for more information at Awario!

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