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Have you ever heard of Trait Based scholarships?
This is college scholarship money that is
offered for an individual's special attributes!

As an example, there are scholarships for Lefties!

Left handed students!
There is money out there for
you or the student in your life!
It can take some searching and time,
but you can find them if you persevere!

There is a video below that describes ...

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... this video describes what a
scholarship is! From Lendued dot com
See the video here or on YouTube! ~`

There is scholarship money available in the
world for us, we need to search for it!

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"Trait-based scholarships are available through
a slew of private foundations, individual donors,
businesses, and schools. Just as there are
many things that make individuals unique,
there are many varieties of trait-based
scholarships. Some of the more notable scholarship
opportunities include one for left-handed students,
... more ...

Scholarships by State ~`
Source: Lendedu ~`

Scholarships by Special Attributes! ~`
From: Scholarships dot com ~`

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