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Family Criticism! ~~~Nancy

Don't let anyone make fun of or ridicule your home school High School Diploma.

Not too long ago I spoke on video about something similar to this regarding home school and family criticism. I was on the receiving end of some of this ridicule.

The latest of my experiences on this is that someone looked upon my child's High School Diploma - which I was showing with pride: and the person asked if myself or my husband had a Master's Degree, (because we were the signors on the diploma) knowing that we don't.

This type of behavior comes from people who you believe love you and care about you and your family.

The most natural thing for me to say is that these people just don't know better. That they don't mean harm or insult.

But that doesn't always cut it.

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Not to me at this moment. It is just more of the same old when it comes to our families home school educational experience.*

Our kid is in college now, well underway on an Associate's Degree.

But criticism hasn't stopped. My eyes have anger in them - it's just insane.

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A kid can be doing so well - be the nicest, well adjusted, happiest child. With a bright mind and a good intellect and that just gets washed away. It isn't valued - but a piece of paper from what is seen as traditional high school is held in more esteem.

Where are people's natural instincts; where do they see good morals and values?

Are people - yes they are, so jaded; so separated from their own opinions, from having their own insight on such an important matter.

It seems only the values of the world hold up in this regard.

They don't even see into the eyes of the children that they love.

If they would just look into that child's eyes they would see that the education that kid received was good, is real and was right.


*Please excuse any grammatical errors - remember - I don't have a Masters Degree! lol! Such is life!

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