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Weak Core Muscles And Flabby Belly?! ~~~Nancy

How To Strengthen The Core Muscles?

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube

I'm working toward getting a *flat stomach!

Not for the usual reasons~
What I'm finding as I have gotten a little
bit older (I turned 61 this past March).

During the 6 - 7 years prior to that my
lifestyle changed and I got away from the
usual fitness regimen that I'd had for so long.

I'm finding there to be a weakness in my lower
back. And - I see that as being connected to
weaker stomach muscles. What I'm thinking this is
is the core that you hear about.

Here's a source for this: What are The Signs That Your
Core Muscles Are Weak? - LIvestrong

My strength in my legs isn't the same as it had
been all my life. And I'm not accepting what people
may say - that, this is something that happens
as you get older! That isn't how I roll.
I'm looking for a way to fix this.

"Unfortunately people think they can eat whatever they want and make their tummy flat by performing 250 crunches per day to burn off the extra fat and calories. That's probably the biggest myth around."

So I'm working on that and as I learn - I will
(as with everything else) share it with you!
[Next please see my 'Toe Exercise' video! You never know!]
Here's a good video (below) on how to get a flat stomach.
Watch it here or on YouTube!
This woman - Lisa Irby - actually researched the why and how to
get a flat stomach - it is good info that I'll use!

Peace Buttercups!

P.S. I've gained back some of my strength
by doing my push ups and leg ups!
So - I'll just keep working on it!

*My stomach has gotten pouchy!

and it won't just go down! I think it's because my
lower back and legs are weaker!

Oh - exciting news! I started to do some
one - arm push ups! Whoa! They're weak!
But it's a process - huh?!!!

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